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Company liquidation

The most common basis of the company’s liquidation is it’s shareholders’ decision to stop the business. It’s important to know, that according to a civil law of Republic of Lithuania, the decision to start liquidation procedure is not possible if the company has insolvency problems. Insolvent company must be liquidated only after the bankruptcy procedure is fully completed.

If you are looking to end the business while your company is healthy financial situation - UAB „Kreditų valdymo Grupė“ are ready to assist you. Our lawyers make sure that everything goes according to the legal requirements. On your behalf, we will:

  • announce about the liquidation fact,
  • finalize your financial commitments,
  • collect outstanding debts,
  • handle the property to the shareholders,
  • prepare liquidation act,
  • prepare and submit all necessary documents to Archive, State Registry Center,
  • destroy company’s seal
  • deal with all the other issues it may arise.